Australian bushfires and global warming

Australian koala. In 2015 686 koalas were killed in Australia due to their excessive numbers and lack of food.

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No one wants to pay for their carbon footprint. Children’s crusade led by Greta Thunberg impressed the world’s community, but not so much as to make people want to pay increased taxes for their carbon footprint. In the last winter Yellow Vests were protesting in France against the increase of fuel costs. In the meantime the story of global warming happening due to greenhouse emissions is so incoherent that even poorly informed person finds it hard to believe considering extremely cold weather that has set in Europe in recent years. This year’s fires may be more extensive than those that occurred in previous years, but they definitely have no connection with the global warming.

Australian bushfires are believed to have led to the death of one billion animals, birds and reptiles.

However, lobbyists of the newly emerged industry of renewables are looking for new ways to work with their target audience. Now we see how they are trying to link Australian bushfires to the global warming and are actively promoting this story on the Internet. We are shown heartbreaking images of animals injured in the fire and vast areas of used-to-be forests burned to the ground. The scientists believe that over one billion animals, birds and reptiles have been injured or orphaned in the bushfires and lost their homes. Later a lot of animals will likely die due to the lack of food.

They either kill or try to save. Nevertheless, the attempt to impress the Internet audience through showing images of dead or injured animals and crying women, wildlife carers and volunteers is failing the moment you open a Wikipedia page on Australian koalas. There you read about the increase of koala population in the recent years to twenty animals per one hectare. In 2015 the Victoria State government had to kill 686 koalas in order to prevent them from starving to death. It is a known fact that koalas eat eucalyptus leaves. Therefore, if there are too many animals on a piece of land, they end up having nothing to eat.

Kangaroo steak at an Australian food store

As far as kangaroos are concerned… Australia is the main producer of kangaroo meat and supplies it to many countries including Russia where kangaroo meat is used for production of sausage. In Australia kangaroo meat is not very popular with consumers and is often used as dog food. If you feel so sorry for injured kangaroos, then why do you not feel sorry for them when people kill them to eat them?

Boyan Slat, the Dutch inventor

Why do they say so little about waste? The problem of waste accumulated in the whole world – chemical, radioactive and all kinds of toxic waste, including huge plastic islands in the oceans – is in fact one of the most serious problems that it threatens the very existence of the humankind. So, why do the world’s media say so little about it? Why is the world’s community not concerned with the problem of waste as much as it is concerned with the global warming? Why is the weird girl Greta Thunberg that spreads disinformation is presented the the person of the year while the Dutch scientist Boyan Slat who invented a machine for collecting waste from the oceans is hardly mentioned at all? The answer is this: the story of the global warming is promoted by those who want to make profit out of it. Make no mistake.

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