Line of defense

Majority of questions arising in business activity, require its comprehensive solutions. Applying to us, you get the services in all requiring areas and do not spend time any more to search for and select of experts, you do not pay any extra money.

Consulting Group «Line of defense» is a professional team with a common goal to provide customers with the fullest service package in the field of law, finance and business management.

We are continually working at the junction of such spheres as economics and law, which allows to take into account and avoid as far as possible both financial and legal risks in solving set challenges.


Phone:+7 812 642 56 76

Mobile:+7 964 342 56 76
Mobile:  +7 911 151 91 99  

e-mail: info@lineofdefense.ru

Office hours: 10 a.m – 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday.


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