A dump on the water

March 26th we visited the village Tshelkanovo located in the west of Moscow region on the border of Rusa and Volokolamsk areas, where there is a poisonous dump right on an aquifer. According to the project, it was supposed to be a temporary dump and after 11 months it was supposed to be removed. On top of it it wasn’t supposed to contain dangerous waste. In fact activists that stopped vehicles with garbage had found waste from biological, medical and chemical activity which means very dangerous and poisonous waste that under no circumstance could be dumped into the environment.

By means of two industrial pumps, the water from under the dump is taken to the river Gryada that flows into the Moskva river. On March 28th we took probes of water and one month later we recieved the first results of the analysis. They showed excess of manganese (heavy metal), bacteria and hydrogen sulphide on the outer limit. Now that the snow has melted and heavy rains started, and also with the rise of air temperature, we have every reason to believe that dangerous bacteria and hydrogen sulphide have exceeded the norms.

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